Scopidea offers unique time management tools and a period tracker that’s ideal for keeping track of employees throughout the day. It’s a desktop-based solution that’s simple to set up, but highly detailed in how it keeps track of projects and employees. Not only will this management software keep an eye on the time that an employee is using the system, but it can be configured to take screen captures, and track keyboard inputs and mouse clicks throughout the tracking period. When you implement this time tracking system you’ll know exactly what your employee spent that time working on.

Keep Employees Accountable

The system is the perfect solution to keep your employees accountable. The period tracker solution will give you a clear picture of what your employee did throughout each period of the day. It makes it easy figuring out which employees are productive during the day and which are not. The gathered information from this management software can help you become more efficient and profitable over time.

Delegate Tasks Effectively

Managers using these time management tools can assign tasks directly to employees and monitor those tasks throughout the day. It’s an all-in-one solution that takes the difficult task of managing a team of workers and streamlines it into a more efficient system overall.

Once the work is complete the employer can send out an invoice to the client with confidence knowing that all the work was completed properly and in a timely manner. The tracker helps to create confidence and encourages future work as well. The online project management software is a good solution that keeps both employers and clients happy.

Scopidea is a free online project management solution tailored to small businesses and individuals. The moment you sign up to Scopidea you’re organization gets access for 5 different users. It’s a fast solution to bring the team together and help managers keep track of exactly what’s going on at the company.

This project management tool is free for up to 5 users for as long as you want to use it. That means your company could literally benefit from the solution for years after Sign-up. It’s the only cloud-based project management tool that’s completely free to use for so many users. That’s precisely why it’s an excellent company solution.

No credit card is necessary when signing up for this free online project management solution. Payment is only necessary if you decide that you want to manage more than 5 users at a time, in which case there are paid plans to accommodate most company needs.

If you’ve been looking for a tool suite to help you master the project management process Scopidea could be just the thing for you. It’s simple to put into place and designed to help you get your small business going without it costing you anything.

Scopidea provides simple and easy to use task management software. All available features are free. With the help of scopidea time tracker, you can assign work to employees. you can check the progress of the task and time taken to complete the task and staus of task with the help of task management software.

Scopidea providing task management software with a time tracker, you can assign a task to your employee and able to track task progress with a simple screenshot.

Task Management

Scopidea Task Management software has a unique feature which helps the user to complete the task with simple and easy workflow.

We have following features which you can use during manage you task

Planning and scheduling:  Scopidea tasks management feature is helpful for planning projects and to make scheduling of all necessary task under any project. With the help of this feature, a scrum master or project manager will always have an overview of tasks assigned to each member and how much time will take to complete all tasks. With this method, the project manager or scrum master know the realistic project deadlines.

File Attachment: We have a file attachment feature that helps the user to attach a project-related file with the task. Users can share the file with colleagues and team members. The user is able to upload various types of documents with the task as attachments like Doc, emails, pictures, Pdf, graphs, contextual and other documents.

Assignment: With the help of Scopidea, Project manager or team member able to assign tasks with each other and with the defined flow able to complete the task with the simple flow of work.

Notification: Admin can set Notification for each and every event. With the help of this feature, team members will get notification when any task is assigned or on the changing flow of the task.

Prioritization: Admin able to set Priority of task and able to add custom priority as per requirement. In this way, Project manager or scrum master able to priorities tasks and first able to complete the most important task.

Access Setting: Administrator able to assign some selected features of website and project. In this way, the administrator able to assign features according to employee designation and role.

Reports: Project Manager or Administrator can able to view the progress of the project with available different types of reports.

Scopidea Kanban Board is helpful for all types of team sizes and all types of teams. Like Scopidea Kanban Board is helpful for an individual freelancer, work from home worker, startup, and remote teams. With the help of Scopidea Kanban Board, team is able to manage tasks with flexibility.

Scopidea Kanban Board gives you a secure and fully customized solution, which is helpful for all types of project planning, scheduling, and delivering of work.

Kanban Board

Kanban workflow is made of mainly three essential elements

Kanban board: Kanban Board is a tool, which is useful for the optimization of your process, progress, and result. With the help of the Kanban Board, we can visualize our path, growth, potential bottlenecks, and challenges.

Kanban List: Inside Kanban Board, there is a list of task which is managed in columns according to workflow, which is defined by the project manager. Generally, Kanban List workflow is “Stories, To Do, In Progress and Done.”

Kanban card: A Kanban card is the smallest task containing information and description about a specific piece of work. Generally, Kanban Card is a particular future feature that is going to developed and implement inside the project.

Most organizations are split up into many different roles, and in order to keep everything neat and organized while protecting data, it’s important for a project planning tools to provide access management tools to assign employees different roles and only grant them access to the tools and data they need.

Set up Company Roles and Permissions

With our project planning tools you’ll be able to assign every one of your employees a specific role and determine what files they can access, whether they can edit or delete documents, and what tools they can use. With several different role options available it’s easy to maintain complete control over the data at your company.

Simplify Work

Not only is it risky to give your employees access to all your data, but it’s also more confusing and a bit overwhelming. Employees don’t want to use a project management tool that’s filled with documents and tools that simply aren’t useful to their position at the company. The access management system ensures that every employee is going to see files and documents that are useful to their job and that all the rest of the files are hidden and only accessible to workers that need them.

Protect Important Data

You can create several user profiles to meet your organization’s business needs. When a user log-in onto Scopidea, they have a list of tools and actions available depending on their profile. This helps keep everything organized and more importantly it protects sensitive data. Every company has data that it doesn’t want shared amongst all the employees, and that information should be protected at all costs. Our solution offers that capability along with other tools like some of the best issue tracking on the web.