Our thinking is pretty clear and straight forward, if we earn money off one of your referrals, we’re going to share the profits with you from customers you bring to our project planning tools. Our referral program takes into account all the hard work you’ve put in to help bring us new customers and rewards you accurately.

How it Works

Each time a user joins our application as a paid subscriber under the start-up or professional group, you’ll earn 10 points. Users that join the Enterprise or Premium service will reward you with 50 points. As soon as you hit 100 points you can redeem them for $100. It’s as simple as that.

Making Our Software Work for You

With our program you can take our free software solution and turn it into a lucrative business opportunity. Simply let other people know how well our project planning tools are working for you and soon enough you’ll be generating leads for our company and building up extra money for yourself. It’s simple to do, especially with software that works as well as Scopidea does. Sure you’ll have to convince people to make use of the paid version of our software, but it’s relatively affordable and compared to the potential profits offered by our software through time saved and improved project quality, the costs are minimal.

Spreading the Word

Getting the word out about our software is simple to do as long as you’ve had a positive experience with it. Making a quick video showcasing the software and how it helps your business is a simple way to convince people to give it a try. Taking the time to write up a post on your blog and then sharing it through social media is another way to spread the word and start generating some referrals for your business.