Most organizations are split up into many different roles, and in order to keep everything neat and organized while protecting data, it’s important for a project planning tools to provide access management tools to assign employees different roles and only grant them access to the tools and data they need.

Set up Company Roles and Permissions

With our project planning tools you’ll be able to assign every one of your employees a specific role and determine what files they can access, whether they can edit or delete documents, and what tools they can use. With several different role options available it’s easy to maintain complete control over the data at your company.

Simplify Work

Not only is it risky to give your employees access to all your data, but it’s also more confusing and a bit overwhelming. Employees don’t want to use a project management tool that’s filled with documents and tools that simply aren’t useful to their position at the company. The access management system ensures that every employee is going to see files and documents that are useful to their job and that all the rest of the files are hidden and only accessible to workers that need them.

Protect Important Data

You can create several user profiles to meet your organization’s business needs. When a user log-in onto Scopidea, they have a list of tools and actions available depending on their profile. This helps keep everything organized and more importantly it protects sensitive data. Every company has data that it doesn’t want shared amongst all the employees, and that information should be protected at all costs. Our solution offers that capability along with other tools like some of the best issue tracking on the web.