Why We Are Saying That Scopidea Is A Complete Solution

We are in software industry since last 14 years, We have dealt lots of clients across the globe. In the current scenario all market are depend on outsourcing of projects. People are working from different location.

No any single solution is available in the market to track, manage and bill of employees and clients form one place. After several years of research and survey, we have developed scopidea for complete solution. During development period, we have given demo of this application to different vertical peoples like CEO, project manager, testers ,developers, writers, freelancer, marketing managers, accountant ,small business owner not only software field but all field. We got suggestions from approx. 4000 people around the world. After feedback and suggestion, we are continuously improving day-by-day our application for functionality, usability and security of our application. We will be very glad, if you signup our application, use it and give us feedback to improve our application. It’s totally free for 30 days. If you have any query/suggestion(s), please contact us at