Scopidea Kanban Board is helpful for all types of team sizes and all types of teams. Like Scopidea Kanban Board is helpful for an individual freelancer, work from home worker, startup, and remote teams. With the help of Scopidea Kanban Board, team is able to manage tasks with flexibility.

Scopidea Kanban Board gives you a secure and fully customized solution, which is helpful for all types of project planning, scheduling, and delivering of work.

Kanban Board

Kanban workflow is made of mainly three essential elements

Kanban board: Kanban Board is a tool, which is useful for the optimization of your process, progress, and result. With the help of the Kanban Board, we can visualize our path, growth, potential bottlenecks, and challenges.

Kanban List: Inside Kanban Board, there is a list of task which is managed in columns according to workflow, which is defined by the project manager. Generally, Kanban List workflow is “Stories, To Do, In Progress and Done.”

Kanban card: A Kanban card is the smallest task containing information and description about a specific piece of work. Generally, Kanban Card is a particular future feature that is going to developed and implement inside the project.