Scopidea offers unique time management tools and a period tracker that’s ideal for keeping track of employees throughout the day. It’s a desktop-based solution that’s simple to set up, but highly detailed in how it keeps track of projects and employees. Not only will this management software keep an eye on the time that an employee is using the system, but it can be configured to take screen captures, and track keyboard inputs and mouse clicks throughout the tracking period. When you implement this time tracking system you’ll know exactly what your employee spent that time working on.

Keep Employees Accountable

The system is the perfect solution to keep your employees accountable. The period tracker solution will give you a clear picture of what your employee did throughout each period of the day. It makes it easy figuring out which employees are productive during the day and which are not. The gathered information from this management software can help you become more efficient and profitable over time.

Delegate Tasks Effectively

Managers using these time management tools can assign tasks directly to employees and monitor those tasks throughout the day. It’s an all-in-one solution that takes the difficult task of managing a team of workers and streamlines it into a more efficient system overall.

Once the work is complete the employer can send out an invoice to the client with confidence knowing that all the work was completed properly and in a timely manner. The tracker helps to create confidence and encourages future work as well. The online project management software is a good solution that keeps both employers and clients happy.